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my name is sam. i'm a 21 year old from ny. a proud bisexual and (not so proud) horndog. i am also a geek/nerd/dork/social misfit. i enjoy movies, books, pop culture and other junk. i like to laugh, bs and have a good time. i'm just along for the ride though.



Every Hat in TF2 by AshleyLange [x]

Otherwise entitled “How to annoy everybody’s Tumblr dash”

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Dionysus is the abyss of impassioned dissolution, where all human distinctions are merged to the animal divinity of the primordial psyche—A blissful & terrible experience. Humanity, huddling behind the walls of its culture, believes it has escaped this experience, until it succeeds in letting loose another orgy of bloodshed. Carl Jung  (via lightandbones)

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Hogwarts Ravenclaw Corset

Wear this for your next special event or witching party to show your allegiance to the Ravenclaw house. Crafted out of fine silk, this corset is sure to be stunning on anyone. Sold on Etsy.

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Frank Ocean | Wisemen

“Frank Ocean wrote a fantastic ballad that was truly lovely and poetic in every way, there just wasn’t a scene for it. I could have thrown it in quickly just to have it, but that’s not why he wrote it and not his intention. So I didn’t want to cheapen his effort. But, the song is fantastic, and when Frank decides to unleash it on the public, they’ll realize it then.”

— Quentin Tarantino explaining why he didn’t use the song in “Django Unchained.”

this song makes me quiet af’

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